Gwen is usually the closest thing to a "straight man" in the whole menagerie. A 20-something programmer who's just bought her first house, and is renting rooms to help pay off the mortgage. Unfortunately, the best tenant she could find initially was her younger brother Aidan, so now she's sharing a house with him again. She's fairly laid-back and sarcastic, and is so used to the antics of her friends that she shrugs most weird occurrences off. Has a not-so-irrational fear and hatred of squirrels.

Gwen's younger brother, and her first tenant. Majoring in accounting (only because he's good at math) and trying to manage their uncle's restaurant. He loves to cook, but unfortunately his attempts to do so end in fire, smoke, or some unidentifiably weird concoction that only the cat will eat. (He's not allowed to cook ANYTHING at the restaurant; he just manages the operations.) Also loves tormenting his sister and his girlfriend Irene; dealing with an old high school crush on Holly. He hasn't exactly grown up that much since high school, but he has his moments.

Gwen's best friend from high school and her second tenant. Moved in after an unpleasant roommate experience. She's very sweet and tolerant, one of those annoyingly pretty people with hair that does whatever she wants it to. Fortunately, she has an evil streak. Oh, and she's not a blonde. Not technically, and don't ever let her hear you say she is.

Aidan's somedays girlfriend - some days they're dating, others they're not. For various reasons, Aidan delights in pushing her buttons, and no one can make her as mad. Unfortunately for him, she's the most evil of the bunch, and the most likely to exact revenge. Yet in spite of all the times they fight, she keeps going out with him - mainly because she needs someone to fight with.

(AKA: The Furball With No Name, Hey You, Damn Cat)
Gwen's unnamed cat, who has yet to "tell" them what his name is - that is, no name that anyone has tried has gotten even an involuntary reaction. No point in naming something if it doesn't react at all. Is very attached to Aidan, who claims to hate anything cute and fuzzy. The house's four-legged alarm system, he seems to think he's a guard dog.