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Recommended Comics
Doing away with the old list and just listing the comics I consistently read. Descriptions may come later. This page has been in dire need of an update anyway.

8-bit Theater
Bite Me!*+
A Doemain of Our Own
A Miracle of Science
Absurd Notions**
Alien Dice
As If!
Bob Kiwi and Company
Clan of the Cats
The Class Menagerie
Count Your Sheep
Demonology 101*
Eversummer Eve+
Fragile Gravity
Fur Will Fly
Gene Catlow
General Protection Fault
Grand Blue Door
It's Walky!*
Kevin & Kell
Namir Deiter
Neko the Kitty
Ozy & Millie
Queen of Wands
Real Life
return to sender**
Sluggy Freelance
Something Positive
Strings of Fate**
The Suburban Jungle
Van Von Hunter
Vinci & Arty
What I Learned Today
The Wandering Ones
The Wings of Change
Zebra Girl

**On hiatus/intermittent updates due to Real Life (but still worth a look! No harassing the artists!)
+A member of a subscription site (like Modern Tales)

Resources for comic readers and artists.

Modern Tales
The reason for the little plus signs beside some comics listed here. A collective of webtoonists who've made a compromise in the conflict between those who support free webcomics and those who support webcomics that get some profit. The deal is this: paying subscribers can read the entire archives of the comics featured, while the rest of us can see the current strip only. I myself can't afford to become a subscriber right now (two words: new apartment), but I support the idea behind it. There are several sister sites out there, but this one was the first.
A 3 part article by PVP's Scott Kurtz about the ups and downs of running a web comic that's economically viable. A great article that explains some of my reasons for not really "getting serious" with my own comic.

The web site of the author of "Reinventing Comics" - even if you don't agree with his views on web comics, this site is a must-read.

Sequential Tart
A monthly web-zine by female comic readers for female comic readers. Great source for news, reviews, what have you.

Link to Me
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