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Welcome to my Hint Page, which has hints and tips for the online games I've played. This is not a walkthrough site. But if all you need is a nudge in the right direction without being tempted to find out everything else you need to do, this is the place you're looking for. I will warn people ahead of time that a lot of these hints may come off as smart-mouthed and/or rude. That's mainly because, with one or two exceptions, I avoid giving a straight how-to answer. This is what walkthroughs are for, and I personally prefer getting a hint rather than just be told step-by-step how to solve a puzzle. Just being told what to do takes the fun out of it.

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Arcane: The Miller Estate

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

Arcane: The Stone Circle

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8


La Foire Aux Mysteres
(French only)

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

(Registration required - IE only - use "visit playable demo" link!)

General Hints
Episode 1
Episode 2, Stage 1
Episode 2, Stage 2
Episode 2, Stage 3
Episode 2, Stage 4
Episode 2, Stages 5/6


The Mystery of Time and Space

Levels 1 - 12

Milkogame (Moments to Remember)

(Hints coming soon.
To play, click on
"visit playable demo.")

Steppenwolf: The X-Creatures Project

General Hints
(e.g. How do I combine items? Why can't I save?)

Chapter 1, Episode 1
Chapter 1, Episode 2
Chapter 1, Episode 3
Chapter 1, Episode 4

Chapter 2, Episode 1
Chapter 2, Episode 2
Chapter 2, Episode 3
Chapter 2, Episode 4

Chapter 3, Episode 1
Chapter 3, Episode 2
Chapter 3, Episode 3
Chapter 3, Episode 4

Chapter 4, Episode 1
Chapter 4, Episode 2
Chapter 4, Episode 3
Chapter 4, Episode 4

Chapter 5, Episode 1
Chapter 5, Episode 2
Chapter 5, Episode 3
Chapter 5, Episode 4

Chapter 6, Episode 1
Chapter 6, Episode 2
Chapter 6, Episode 3
Chapter 6, Episode 4

Other Online Games

These games do not currently have hints up, but they are still worth playing. Go to the forums for more info.

Game Description Why no hints?
11 Somerset

Join the Society of Enigmas as they investigate the paranormal phenomena that surround them, and pass all 13 challenges by collecting clues and solving the eerie mysteries they present. A graphic-heavy and spooky tie-in to the Canadian TV series of the same name. In French and English.

Not very hintable; it's largely about observation and finding the correct clues.

A Case of the Crabs

Something stinks and it smells like crab, only there's something funny about these crustaceans. You play as Detective Nick Bounty, who despite his ability to solve the most tangled cases, has yet to work for a paying client. This time it's up to you to discover who knocked off a local seafood salesman and get to the bottom of a diabolical counterfeiting operation!

The site already has its own hint guide.

Adventure Games Live

A suite of text-based adventure games, of varying degrees of difficulty. Don't dismiss them because of the lack of graphics; the puzzles are often complex and will suck hours of time away. It's always wise to play with a pen and paper to map out your progress in the game, especially when confronted with a maze.

Already has a well-trafficked Hints Board.

Note to Perils of Akumos players - I do have a map of the sandstone caverns for those who are having trouble. You CAN e-mail me for that. This is the ONLY exception to my "No game help over e-mail" rule.


Help the world class loser Big Bad Al get on his date with Sheena Gothskull.

Too short for hints, really.

Anode and Cathode Games

Home to three point-and-click adventure games, "The Office," "The House," and "The Museum." In French and English; link goes to the English versions.

Haven't played all three yet.


Shipwrecked and alone, you find yourself on a surreal reef strewn with mysterious items and bizarre devices. Use your wits to uncover the method in this madness, and escape from the Archipelago - before it becomes your prison! (Archipelago 1 is free; the sequel is $7 to play.)

The site already has a hint system and walkthrough.


"Everything began on the day I, Rodrigue Grandcoeur, solicitor in Atlantzone, had to open a testament, related to one of my clients. His death was so sudden... I didn't know at that time that this adventure would change my life forever." A beautiful point-and-click adventure puzzle game. In English and French.

Hints are taking FOREVER. Not to mention that it's nearly impossible to play on my iMac, even with IE.


Uncle Herbert is on holiday so now it's up to Susi to save the world from the alien invasion. In German and English.

Haven't really played it through yet, and it's not exactly an easy game to hint through.


Banja is the first community aventure game in 3D flash evolving in real time and exclusively on the web. Explore Itland as you attempt to help Banja keep the magical island pure and vibrant...

Haven't been able to play through, and the constantly-changing nature of the game makes it hard to do so. Check out the Banja forums for help.

Brain Hotel

Trouble - and possibly radioactive tea - are brewing at the Brain Hotel. Explore a corner of the supervillain-saturated city of Fort Burr previously unrevealed in Ron "AAlgar" Watt's online comic series, "Tales of the Odd." From the makers of "A Case of the Crabs."

It's got its own hint and walkthrough system already.

Castle Mogaruith

Explore the dangers of Castle Mogaruith. Can you dodge mad Druids, the demons of the Greywastes and find the source of Archmage Melek's power?

This is a weird one, and not very hintable.

Cauchemars Les Aventures

Never underestimate your dreams... A cute little adventure game in French by Sarbakan.

That whole "free time" thing, plus the fact that it's not as long (or as in demand) as some other games I need to put up hints for.


A clever little game in which you must figure out how to reroute the water behind the dam down to your little town.

I tried, but the logistics make it hard to "hint" people through it without giving things away.

Ciao Bella! La Bella Romanza
French Version

You play the role of Elena, and must solve the catastrophes of the family and friends in your life - while still managing to develop your own stable life to progress in your relationship with Elio. There are thirteen game "weeks" to play. More of a strategy game and less an adventure game, it's all about balancing and increasing stats, but it's entertaining nonetheless.

Not very hintable, especially since it has some illogical glitches (especially on the 6th date).

Cool Flame - The Game

Join the cool reporter and the soulful singer as they embark on the adventure of their lives. In English and German. Registration required. (And registration itself is messed up.)

Nice graphics, but trial-and-error will get you through most puzzles. Not very hintable.

Crimson Room
Viridian Room
Blue Chamber

You are trapped in three rooms and must find the way out... Nice, atmospheric trilogy of point-and-click games by the same developer.

Sparse enough that they're not very hintable. And they're not high on the demand list for hints.

The Crystal Skull

An online first person web based game based on Mayan culture, with nice graphics.

Has an in-game hint system already.

The Dead Case

You are a ghost with no memory - but you have to solve your own murder as well as uncover the reasons for the deaths of others before the killer strikes yet again. (Warning: Link goes to Newgrounds, the only place the game can be found. Beware of popups and spyware.) You know I love it if I'm going to recommend a Newgrounds link.

Hints are accessible in-game.

Die Anstalt

You are a psychiatrist who must help cure abused cuddly toys of their trauma. Not technically an adventure game, but the cute factor got it in this link list. In English and German.

Not technically an adventure game, or very hintable.


A spooky, Myst-like adventure game with beautiful Bryce-generated graphics. You are trapped in a strange and eerie house and must determine how you got there... and whether or not you can escape.

The game designer already has a clue system up if you go through the Bryce-related links, as well as a hidden walkthrough.


A graphic adventure game in which you wake up in a strange room and must escape. Very nice graphics and different endings. You need Flash and the Cult3D plugin to play (there's a link to download it there). In Japanese and English.

Not high on my "games to write up hints for" priority list.

Escape From Detention

You're trapped in the school detention room and you have to help Serin, Geo, and Bravo get out. It won't be easy...

Most of the issues people have with this game involves the play controls and switching between characters, and that's covered in the game instructions.

Entering Town

You are Eriog, a young man seeking his fortune... as an evil magician! You've picked the small town of Cheeryville to start your campaign - but it's not going to be completely easy. From the maker of The Dead Case.

The FAQ linked off the game page provides an excellent hint system already.

Escape from the Coolsonian

Do you have what it takes to join Mystery Inc.? Use your brain power to hunt for clues and help Scooby escape from the Coolsonian Crimonology Museum.

Already has in-game hints.

Fly Guy

Not a game, but a lovely bit of Flash work. Beware the flying copiers!

The description tells you all you need to know to get through to the end. Why hint?

Found Lost

A short but creepy Flash game in which you search an abandoned house. (Warning: Newgrounds link.)

Too short for hints, and the key puzzle is not intuitive - only because it involves clicking on a very small area.


Who really killed Hamlet's dad? What does King Richard III want with a horse anyway? And where did the gravedigger get that gorgeous pink dress? Avenge your father, defeat your evil uncle and ascend the throne of Denmark in William Shakespeare's long undiscovered text adventure.

Already has a great hint system.


Another Sarbakan Flash game, a side-scrolling action game in which you navigate Houdini through treacherous peril (the usual, of course). Now in English!

Walkthroughs are already up at the Geek Forums, and this really isn't one I can "hint" people through.

Inspector Wombat

The director of the museum is in trouble: The pictures changed overnight! And furthermore, a crazy painter is blackmailing him! The only one who can help him now is Inspector Wombat. Save the pictures and catch the cunning criminal. In German and English.

Haven't finished it yet.


An impressive 3D point-and-click adventure game that forces you to learn quite a bit to advance (use that fact dispenser!) and save your colleagues.

Not sure if hints would be appropriate; the game's highly dependent on that fact dispenser.

La Piedra de AnaMara (The Stone of AnaMara)

A gorgeous, creepy point-and-click Flash game. You are exploring an abandoned children's hospital which has more than its fair share of disturbing secrets... some from beyond the grave. In Spanish. There is a chapter 2 coming eventually.

I'd love to do hints for this. I just haven't had time.

Leo's Great Day

Leo's apartment has been buried! Help him find his way through underground caverns to safely reach the surface.

Too short for hints.

Milki W.

Cute MOTAS-inspired game. The little alien, Milki W., has crashed on earth and been sold to the circus. Free Milki and help find the spaceship.

Too short for hints.

Og Og Alive

Find your inner cavewoman or man and try to figure out how to survive and evolve.

I never really got into this game, so haven't played it much. Hence, no hints.

Out of Order

Ever woken up in the middle of the night to find you've been kidnapped... and so's your bedroom? Ever had to fend for yourself in the face of strangely hypnotic music, alien doctors, talking computers a-plenty and half-finished bathrooms? Ever found something unpleasant in a burger? If so, "Out of Order" is the game for you. (Note: Download-only. Not Mac-compatible.)

Unfortunately, I cannot play the game at all on my iMac, and no one has responded to my open request for help doing hints. So I figure there wasn't much demand anyway. I urge people with PCs to download and play this sucker, though; it's a hysterically funny game.

Peasant's Quest

In this game, you play Rather Dashing. (Yes, that's his name.) A peasant wearing short pants that comes home from vacation to find his thatched roofed cottage burninated. You swear revenge against Trogdor the Burninator, and set on a great (and sometimes sarcastic) quest. A great parody of King's Quest courtesy of the Homestar Runner creators.

A little too short for hints.

Ray Room Game (aka Need To Go To the Toilet?)

A parody of "Crimson Room" - you're locked in a friend's bedroom and are trying to get to the toilet. I've been told it's in Chinese, which makes sense since the URL's obviously from Taiwan. Sorry about that mistake.

A lot of the puzzles hinge on you understanding the language, so it's not entirely intuitive.


A short and cute point-and-click Flash game that's surreal and (seemingly) nonsensical. Notable for cool music, neat but quirky graphics and cool design. Help the little alien save his planet from a collision.

I like this game because it's so surreal, but it's also not that intuitive and too short to hint through. Trial and error should get you through it.

The Seven Noble Kinsmen: A Shakespearean Murder Mystery

Seven actors. Seven suspects. And time is running out. Trapped with the cast of the disastrous "Seven Noble Kinsmen," you must find items and clues to point you towards the identity of the murderer as the cast is picked off one by one. A neat point-and-click episodic mystery with a heap of Shakespearean information thrown in with the clues. You need to register with the BBC site, but it's worth it.

In-game hints are accessible, and besides, the clues and the ultimate culprit are different for each player.

Suspicion of Murder

You play a detective hired to solve a dinner party murder in a lonely mansion. Can you uncover the culprit?

Already has a hint system.

Try To Get Into the House

Point-and-click adventure/puzzle game in which you need to solve a series of puzzles around the house to get inside. Very nice graphics. In Japanese, but you don't need to understand it to get by.

Most of these puzzles are visual and I'd have a heck of a time hinting at them properly.

Walking in Circles

A very surreal, addictive point-and-click in which you do just that: go around in circles trying to figure things out. More challenging than it sounds, and there's a lot more to do than you'd think by looking at the seemingly restrictive environment. (Click "walkies?" on the front page to play.)

Actually, trying to throw together hints is why I put off linking this one for so long. I'm not satisfied with said hints and decided to link it anyway. You can find discussion topics on it here and here.

If you have any questions pertaining to THIS WEBSITE (broken links, hints that don't make sense e-mail me. I will not answer personal requests for game help. Go to the forums for those; there are MORE people with more flexible schedules who will help. - my livejournal