Mandi's Hint Page: FAQ

After a great deal of e-mails that asked the same questions or overlooked the obvious, I decided it was time for a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Read this page before you e-mail me. If you ask me a question that is answered on this page, don't get mad if I send you a link to this page in response. That's what it's here for.

When are you going to have hints up for (insert game here)?

When I have the time. Sometimes the problem is that I just don't have the free time, or sometimes I just haven't been able to finish the game in question - so I can't walk or hint anyone through it. The basic answer to this one is usually a simple "I don't know." My fanfic, comic strip, and main website take priority. If you want info on what's up and why I haven't updated, see my livejournal; that's what it's there for.

Why won't you put up hints for this game? It's in your links!

The answer to this is USUALLY found in the description accompanying the link. Certain games do not have hints because their creators would prefer that I didn't put up hints (AGL and Driven come to mind), and I try to respect that. Other games you can't hint your way through - they're not intuitive, or in some cases are TOO intuitive to require hints. Still others I haven't played at all or got into enough to play.

There are some games that I may do hints for eventually, but wanted to put the link up ASAP to share rather than make people wait for me to do hints first.

You do realize that some of your hints give the answers away, right? Isn't that cheating?

To answer the first question: Yes, I am, and often this is intentional. Most of these spoilers are hidden behind a secondary hint within the first hint - which I put there in case the person needing the hint can't figure it out with what I've provided. If you can figure it out from the primary hint, there's no reason to click on the link.

Some puzzles have garnered constant complaints that the hints for them are too vague, which is why I've added the additional spoiler. Still others are not intuitive at all, and with that in mind I give people a freebie.

To answer the second question: No. If 75 people mail me and say, "I can't figure this out with the vague hint you provided!" that means I need to be more specific.

English is not my first language. I cannot understand the phrases and entendres you use. Can you fix this?

It depends on the hint. Sometimes, this can be fixed by using plainer language without giving it away. However, most of the time the answer will have to be "No." A lot of hints depend on these phrases and double meanings that some non-native English speakers don't understand, and spelling it out for them will make it a blatant spoiler. I know this sounds contradictory to my last statement, but the situation is different here. If it's a specific hint that is tripping you up, I will try to explain it to you.

Why haven't you fixed/updated the Snooz walkthroughs?

Now that they're up... check the FAQ over there. The link's right smack up on the front page.

Can you tell me how to get through this section of this game?

No. I will not answer help requests like this via e-mail any more for the following reasons:

1.) It defeats the purpose of the HINT site.
2.) I am not home on weekends, which is usually when people e-mail me demanding an answer RIGHT NOW.
3.) You can get a much more timely answer at The Geek Forums - there's plenty of regular members who stop by constantly who can help you out.
4.) currently hosts walkthroughs for pretty much all the games here. Right now, the site is in the process of moving walkthroughs to the forums. If you see that a walkthrough you need is not yet up on the forums, POLITELY ask the site owner where you can find it. (I am not the site owner, so don't ask me. But do be polite and patient with the owner of Walkthroughs from the Geek. She works hard to keep the site going.)
5.) Why wait a week for me to get back to you on e-mail when you can go to a forum where there are at least a dozen people who can and will help you? Seriously. I'm not being mean, it just makes more sense to get help from the forums.

Now if a specific hint on my site is UNCLEAR, you may e-mail me about that hint. But be sure to SPECIFY WHICH HINT YOU'RE HAVING TROUBLE WITH and why. I'm not psychic. "That hint for that episode in the 3rd chapter of Steppenwolf" only narrows it down to maybe 50 different possibilities. Heck, if it's a really obscure hint, I may be persuaded to fix it or add a more specific layer. If you just want a flat-out answer, though, go to the forums. Please.

Note: There is one, and just ONE, exception to this rule. If you are playing "Perils of Akumos" off Adventure Games Live and can't figure out the sandstone caverns, I do have a map I drew. You may e-mail me if you want a copy. I will not provide a link off this site because it represents a major spoiler that the game designers would like to avoid. I have it for last-resort desperation. But that's all.

There's something wrong with (insert game here)! It won't play right!

Feel free to notify me about any bugs you run across in games and I will make note of them for other players. If you want them fixed, contact the game creator or the owner of the site the game came from. Sadly, I can do nothing about game bugs aside from alert other players to their existence.

Will you tell me something about yourself? Where do you live? What do you look like?

No. Planet Earth. A human being.

Seriously, though, I know better than to give some random strange visitor to my site a ton of detailed information about me. Especially when they volunteer very little about themselves. Sure, a lot of people are probably harmless, but there's enough Internet stalkers and such out there to make me play it smart. Some friends of mine have had incredibly scary and unpleasant experiences with strangers looking them up on the Net. It's not personal... well, in the sense that this is the answer I'm going to give just about any complete stranger who asks me this out of the blue.

Why isn't (insert game here) in your list of links?

Games linked off this site must meet the following criteria:

1.) The game must be accessible online - browser-based or downloadable. I don't own a console, and refuse to get one for my own sake. (I'd never get anything done.)
2.) The game should be an "adventure" game, a puzzle-solving game like Arcane or Steppenwolf. Arcade games, board games and most RPGs don't count. I make occasional exceptions, but not often.
3.) The game must be beatable. Okay, I've only seen one online game (Daelindor) that fails this criteria, but I don't recommend it.
4.) The game must have at least a PG or PG-13 rating. Given the average age range of visitors to the hint site, that's just common sense.
5.) The game must be something I like enough to post up here. There's TONS of games that meet the above criteria, but I can't fit them all here, and you can find them by sloughing through the Other Games section on the Geek Forums. I've just weeded out my favorites here.

Where are the hints for (insert game here)?

If the link to the game is on the site but there are no hints for it on the site... there are currently no completed hints for it. End of story. I am not "hiding" any hints. If they're not here, they're not done. That's it.

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