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Level 1

How do I get the key on the other side of the keyhole?

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Level 2

What do I do with the computer?

I can't open the box!

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Level 3

I can't find the key or mechanism to open the door anywhere!

I can't do anything with the mechanism, and what's with the white room?

All 3 slots are filled. Now what?

It won't let me use the rat on the mechanism!

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Level 4

The cutting machine won't cut the triangle, the power's too low!

I got the pieces cut, but they won't fit back in the panel.

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Level 5

Just one question: How do I unlock the IntelliLock??

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Level 6

The key fell through the grating! How do I get down there?

How do I fix the flashlight?

I'm down there now, but don't know where the key is.

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Level 7

How do I turn on the blue wheel elevator?

How do I open the green wheel door?

There's no red wheel for the red wheel door!

I can't use the transport system.

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Level 8

What's with this panel?

How do I get the chess piece?

Dude, what do I do in the pedestal room?

How do I move the chess piece where it wants me to?

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Level 9

I'm in a room with a dead alien, what now?

How do I figure out the password for the computer?

How do I open the five doors and get out of here?

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Level 10

How do I open the safe?

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Level 11

How do I win at the pool game?

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Level 12

I can't find the first secret passage.

How do I get past the laser gates?

What do I do with the "green wall?"

So how do I find the second secret passage? There's just a dead-end TV room here.

Where's the code for the force field in front of that door?

I got the force field down, but the door is locked!

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