These hints are more-or-less in chronological order. If you're trying to solve a puzzle without first dealing with the problem addressed BEFORE it in this list, the hint will not work.

So where's the "red drawer?"

So what do I have to do in the office?

The Albino keeps coming and shooting me! Help!

I'm done in the office. Now what?

Where do I go in the conveyor belt room?

I'm in the lobby. How do I get back upstairs?

Look, just tell me what to do about the Albino.

I can't open the skylight!

Okay, I plugged it in, dropped the wire down. How do I zap the guy?

Where can I use the video tape?

Where's the safe, for crying out loud?

What's the code for the safe?

How do I get out of the building?

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