These hints are more-or-less in chronological order. If you're trying to solve a puzzle without first dealing with the problem addressed BEFORE it in this list, the hint will not work.

The captain won't let me go anywhere! How do I ditch him?

Got the lever; what do I do with it?

Got the harpoon; what do I do with it?

The fish were brought over, and the Captain caught me again; how did that help??

I'm locked in the warehouse with the bomb! Help!

I plugged in the wires according to the plans, but it's not doing anything.

Whoop-de-doo, I moved the Deep Blue over to the boat. So what? How do I defuse it?

I placed the bomb on the lifeboat, but Meg keeps saying "Not now." What's left?

I can't get up to the switch to open the doors!

I followed your hints, and blew up anyway. What gives?

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