General tips: Use the airbursts on each screen to lift the Deep Blue up when you need to (since the propulsion system's shot). You can usually just drop down to the next screen. Also, make a point of trying to crack open and inspect EVERY shipwreck you can. It's worth it.

These hints are more-or-less in chronological order. If you're trying to solve a puzzle without first dealing with the problem addressed BEFORE it in this list, the hint will not work.

Okay, I'm on the first screen; how do I get rid of that first tentacle?

There's nothing to dump on the second tentacle!

How do I get rid of the tentacle in the third screen?

Well, I'm at the bottom, but the Kraken won't let me in the cave! What now?

I can't go anywhere in the cave, it's too dark!

I got the fish, but when I go in the cave it's too dark to do anything - including releasing the fish!

Now I'm in the fully lit cave, what do I do?

What do I use the electric charges for?

I can't seem to shock the Kraken! Help!

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