Please note: This episode was a pain to write hints for. In the end, I decided to just cover the stuff I had trouble with figuring out. Basically, if you can't figure out how to go somewhere and it's not covered in the hints... just try climbing something or turning your GTS off to see all of the screen. I'm also giving hints in LOGICAL order - basically, I'm not going to tell you something til you need it. If a hint doesn't make sense, check prior hints.

I got the electrical cord. Yay. What do I use it for?

Octavio's been stabbed - what do I do? How do I catch that guy?

I followed the yellow shirt guy back to where I found the electrical cord. How do I get to him?

I'm cornered in the kitchen, how do I take the guy out?

Great, he escaped to the beach and I can't get past the thugs in the alley. Help!

How do I get rid of the rats?

I can't open the stone door.

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