These hints are more-or-less in chronological order. If you're trying to solve a puzzle without first dealing with the problem addressed BEFORE it in this list, the hint will not work.

I'm stuck at the first screen. How do I find Pedro?

How do I get off the roof?

I can't cross the water.

Yay, I found Steppenwolf in that castle... so how do I free him?

Now I'm playing Steppenwolf - how do I keep Meg from getting squished? How do I swing his cage?

What do I do on the roof?

I'm trying to climb up the ladder to where the cult guys are, but Meg says "too dangerous." Then what's the point?

I left the room with the cultists and I died!

Okay, I got down off the roof, past the cultists, over the hole, and I'm back where I started. What now?

Ack! Meg's in trouble again! How do I get Steppenwolf to cut that rope in time?

How do I use the gears to move the cages, then?

How do I open the door by the wooden platform?

Picked up the hook by the cage, now what?

Got down to the cages, made the grappling hook... where the heck do I get that key?

How do I get back across that stupid square hole?

I got the key, but I can't reach Steppenwolf's cage.

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