Notes: Okay, this is probably the least chronological episode in the series, so the hints for it are the hardest to write. But I DID try to keep some kind of logical order with the hints here. There's also some things I need to explain before you start.

There are 5 screens in the whole episode, and I refer to them here by LETTER to make things easier. Screen A is the very first screen, Screen B is the 2nd screen (with the small satellite array), Screen C is the 3rd screen (with the beach), Screen D is the 4th screen (with the radar platform), and Screen E is the 5th screen you find (with the log, crane hook and the liquid nitrogen tanks). Got that? Good.

Hints with a * mention the location of certain items that are useful to beating the episode (which are not mentioned in the hint question). If you're reading a hint and don't recognize the item I'm talking about, GO BACK and review prior hints, especially those with a * beside them.

Huge, HUGE thanks go out to Marie, who contributed a ton of hint suggestions for this episode and is largely responsible for there being hints for this episode at all. And of course, thanks to the guys at Sarbakan for making the games in the first place. :)

How do I keep Reggie from destroying the bridge beneath my feet in Screen A?*

How do I avoid Reggie in general?

I got to Screen B, but it's a dead end!*

What are the vision enhancers for, and how do I use them?

What do I use the bombs for?

I can't do a thing in any of the cannon huts.

I can't go anywhere after Screen C!*

How do I get to the control tower in Screen C?

How do I get to the platform at the lower left of Screen E?*

Got the liquid nitro, opened up all the cannon huts, took out the control tower... WHAT'S THE POINT?

How do I trap Reggie in Screen B?

How do I trap Reggie in Screen D?

How do I trap Reggie in Screen E?

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