TrueLove: General Hints

  • Pick up EVERYTHING YOU CAN wherever you go. If your character notices something out of the ordinary, walk over to it and see if you can pick it up. You'd be amazed at the amount of junk you need for this game.

  • Your character does not have rubber-stretchy arms. He/she must be within reach of an item to pick it up. (There ARE occasional exceptions to this rule. Most of the time, though, this is the way it works.) For the same reason, if you want to use an item on an area on the screen, you may have to occasionally walk to that area first.

  • To combine items in your inventory, or to use an item on another, drag one item on top of another. Keep in mind that the game is picky; it will only let you drag certain items onto others, and it won't let you "reverse" the order. Try all combinations.

  • To have your character use an item, open up an item, or simply inspect an item, drag it to YOUR CHARACTER.

  • If your character notices a certain area on a screen for whatever reason (even if he/she just says "Hmm..." that means it's IMPORTANT. You either have to drag an item to that area or go to that area in order to use an item. Even the most potentially useless item - if your character notices it - is useful. This is especially helpful later on in the game. (Lemme tell you, it's the only reason I made it through the Peru section of Episode 2 without losing my mind...)

  • Not all the items you pick up in Episode 1 will be used in that episode; a good portion will not be used til Episode 2. You still can't finish the level without them.

  • Certain things must be done with certain items before they can be used in other ways. If you can't use an item someplace where you SHOULD be able to, see if you can't use it elsewhere first.

  • Beware of game bugs! While Episode 1 is pretty stable, Episode 2 has a great deal of bugs that, if encountered, will force you to restart your game. Make sure to check the Known Bugs List on the forums.

  • Last but not least: If you're at a loss for where to go, always look for the white arrows. You may have to maneuver your character around obstacles to get where you want to go; a straight line will not always work. :)

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