TrueLove Episode 1: The City of Love

Note: The following hints are in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. If you skip ahead and wonder what the heck I'm talking about, I'm referring to an earlier hint. It's the only way I could write hints that don't spoil it. If something's not covered here, chances are it's covered by the General Hints. Read those first if you haven't. They cover the basics, as well as some game bugs you should be aware of.

How do I magnify the photo on the article in my living room?

How do I get in the lift?

How do I get the lift working?

How do I distract Mr. George to steal the storeroom keys?

How do I get the whistle away from the Rasta salesman?

What do I do with the parrot?

How do I cross the street?

What can I trade with the cool dude?

How do I get the travel agent to give me the umbrella?

The Choco Bar is closed!

How do I cheer the captain up?

How do I catch the Metro to the Museum?

I need to get music for the guard in the disc store, but the salesgirl has the only copy! How do I get it?

How do I get the glass case off the statue?

The glass case is up, but I can't just take the statue.

Got the statue and put the case back; do I need anything else in here?

I've gotten the Captain to agree to take me to Egypt, but the cops are guarding the port!

Got past the cops, but there's no one at the port!

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