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If you want to keep abreast of where the heck I am, this is the link to check.


The vast majority of the Weird Web Page has been taken down due to the need for a massive cleanup. I haven't done a major page revamp since April 2000 - a page revamp is well overdue.

Before you all shoot me, most of my major subsites are still up and linked below. My LiveJournal (see above) is the place to check for update info, as usual. Sorry to do this, but the mess has to be cleaned up. Please do not ask when I'm going to be done, because I have no idea. My website is currently on the bottom of the priority pile. Hopefully, we'll be up and running at full speed soon... in the meantime, the remaining subsites will be updated and maintained, albeit slowly. Please be patient.


Mandi's Hint Site Mandi's Hint Site - My thrown-together hint site for the online games Steppenwolf and Arcane, as well as other online adventure games. My Snoozleberg walkthroughs can also be found here.

Nothing to See Here - Well, I did exactly what I said I'd never do: I've gone and put up my own webcomic. Check it out; if you don't like what I have, I also have an extensive list of links to other great online comics. On hiatus until I obtain a new, working scanner. Thought my fanfic was nuts? That wasn't illustrated.

Still more proof that I need a life. Mandi's Fan Fiction - I happen to be a fanfic addict, and have written quite a bit over the years for a lot of strange series that the kids I babysat for in high school made me watch. (And then there are those I got hooked on myself.)

Now and Again: Mandi's Low-Tech Tribute - My latest (cancelled) addiction, so naturally it's my most frequently updated fan page. Not much in the way of pics, but I have detailed episode synopses, reviews, and sound clips for most all of the episodes to date. CBS sucks.

Now if I could just get me one of these... Yet Another Stargate: SG-1 Fan Page - Originally a general sound archive, but after mid-season two I stopped recording new sounds in search of something new to do with the site. I settled on episode transcripts, but that took so much time... Will be shutting down when I sort out issues with uncredited transcripts.

For Jelly Belly Addicts... - An online Jelly Belly menu and several "recipes" I've gathered over the years. The menu covers all 40 "official" flavors, and some of the newer flavors as well. Was under the "Random Stuff" heading, but I decided it deserved its own listing. There are worse addictions.

This page was created Sept. 11, 1996 by Mandi. (Yes, I know the irony of that date. *sigh*)