I know what you're going to ask: Why the hell is there a page up for this show? Has Mandi finally lost her mind? (You all knew it was going to happen eventually, of course.) But there is a reason for this page, which I'll explain shortly. I stumbled across a preview for "Now and Again" in Sept. 1999, flipping through the Fall Preview issue of the TV Guide. Up until then, I hadn't heard a thing about the show... all the buzz had been directed at "Action," "Angel," and "Harsh Realm." Nothing about this show, and I wondered: Why???

I mean, it's got one of the more original premises of the new TV lineup. Forget The Six Billion Dollar Man - this is not a retread. I was already fascinated (or, as my friends would say, obsessed) with it before the pilot aired, and after seeing the pilot I was hooked. Completely. But I have the feeling that I'm the only one out there who's a fan of this show. It's probably not watched by a lot of people - maybe for the same offbeat reasons that got me wrapped up in the show. And that worried me. I've seen a lot of excellent shows that have died due to low ratings, shows that definitely deserved a better chance. Raise your hands if you remember Nowhere Man, kids! I certainly do, and I still miss it! If a show as good as that could be canned so easily despite fan protests, there's a chance that the same fate could meet Now and Again.

So... what the heck could I do? This fan page is the answer. If you've never heard of this show, by God, give it a chance! Start watching before the series gets in deep and gets as knotty as Babylon 5.

Apparently, when series creator Glenn Gordon Caron was approached to helm a series for CBS, they essentially let him do whatever the hell he wanted with it. Yep, you heard me right. For once, the execs and producers didn't tear up the creative inspiration of the writers. That's a rarity in TV nowadays, and it usually means that you're not going to get a rehash of the same old thing. Far from it. Unfortunately, some people get turned off by different things, and if you're unsure whether watching this show is worth it, get over it. Tune in.

I said it before, and I'll say it again: This is a surprisingly original and unpredictable drama for network which is only lacking in an already popular lead-in. Which means that unless people start watching, it'll tank. I don't want to see this happen again. So that's why I'm promoting it now to try to get others to watch it... and so I have another excuse not to do work.

I'm a college student. Procrastination is one of my talents. Just browse through my site and watch the show, people. That's all I ask. And I'm not getting paid to do this.