The original Why This Page Exists was written waay back on September 26, 1999. Almost four years later, this page is still up. Now it's July 23, 2003, and here's why.

So I was going through my collection of tapes one morning, sorting and organizing them, when it occurred to me that I had yet to find my tapes of Now and Again in the stacks of VHS tapes. It also occurred to me that they may have been lost or accidentally gone with my former roommate in my last move - which would pretty much be the end of them.

That freaked me out.

Now don't get me wrong. I have - more or less - gotten over the cancellation. I mean, it's been over 3 years since the show was axed, and since then I have learned not to invest so much emotional energy in a TV show. It doesn't prey on my mind, and I rarely think about it any more out of context. Heck, I haven't watched my tapes of it in quite some time.

But even so... I managed to tape all 22 episodes. The series has never come out on DVD, and I think the CBS folks just would like to pretend it never existed. So if those tapes were gone, I wouldn't be able to relive those episodes, no avenue to see N&A again. I've actually refrained from watching them to keep from wearing them out. True, Sci-Fi's still showing repeats - at 1 am on Sundays, for crying out loud. Yeah. And they've cut some of the original episodes.

I did find the tapes, but the fact still remains that the thought of losing them - after all this time - really worried me. And it wasn't just the thought that I couldn't watch the eps, but the thought of forgetting what the show was like, forgetting why I taped it religiously, why I could suspend my disbelief so much for this one show. Yeah, I'd certainly like to forget how I felt when I found out how it was cancelled, but it's not worth forgetting how much fun it was, how different the show was, how giddy some episodes made me feel. I don't want to forget those characters, the cast, the chemistry.

And that extends beyond just my little world. I don't want other people to forget about it completely, either. I remember how annoyed I was to find that so many people who would have enjoyed it never knew about the show - in part because it was pre-Survivor and CBS was ignored, in part because CBS barely promoted and constantly preempted it the second half of the season. I couldn't stop it from being cancelled, but I'd like to preserve it somehow. It's frustrating to see such an unusual and enjoyable show slip through the cracks like that. It happens all the time, but... well, at least I can do something to keep it alive in people's memories.

I haven't forgotten about the show, and I'm not the only one. Let's keep it that way. ;)