All I Ever Needed to Know
I Learned From Watching
Pop-Up Video

It's the cure for the low attention span when it comes to the music video. We like info about the video and the singer, yeah, but the most interesting little facts pop up randomly in each one. So here's a selected bit I could pick up in time.

Some of these do relate to the actual video because they were too good to cut out. Some of the following may be rated PG-13 due to content. Just so you know.

"Stay" -- Lisa Loeb

1968 was 2 years after Catwoman was "born" on Batman.
33% of women describe their "first time" as being "painful."
The typical NYC apartment has 2.4 occupants.
Hawks prey on smaller birds. They can maneuver rapidly among trees.
People "allergic" to contact with others are called "haptephobic."
1 in 2 Americans believe "communication" is crucial in a relationship. The same percentage believe in ESP.
Most dogs can be taught to "stay" within 2 weeks.
60% of people won't stay with their current partner.

"Rush Rush" -- Paula Abdul

Dog star Lassie has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Sudden jerking movements with the head can cause a head rush.
More than 8 ounces of milk can cause belching and flatulence in lactose intolerant people.
Rushing on stairs causes nearly 1 million injuries per year.
Rush Limbaugh has rushed to the altar several times - his 1994 marriage was his third.
Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas performed the ceremony.
In 1994, Rush faced legal trouble after playing the song "Hey Paula" on his show without permission.
Cost to rush deliver a royalty check: $15.81

"Night Moves" -- Bob Seger

The first drive-in was in the 1920s when a man showed movies on his garage door.
By the 1950s, there were over 5,000 drive-ins worldwide.
Today there are 848.

"True Colors" -- Cyndi Lauper

Silent film actress Theda Bara acted in over 40 black and white films - only 3 remain.
The film prints turned to dust.
The meat inside a conch shell is described as "tough" and in need of "a good pounding."
Researchers believe exposure to colored lights can help relieve certain ailments.
Blue light is believed to relieve nausea.
Clothing company J. Crew began "embellishing" the names of its colors in 1985.
Some Crew colors:
What true color do researchers belive relieves symptoms of "mental disorder?"

"Doo Wop(That Thing)" -- Lauryn Hill

Human eccrine glands secrete water which evaporates to remove body heat.
Hormaonal changes during pregnancy often cause mood swings.
23% of men have a special name for "that thing."
Columbia graduate Patty Hill wrote "Happy Birthday to You" in 1894.
(No relation.)

"Sweetest Thing" -- U2

Irish boxer Steve Collins became middleweight world champion in 1994.
The sweetest thing is thaumatin - a compound that is 100,000 times sweeter than sugar.

"Total Eclipse of the Heart" -- Bonnie Tyler

The longest possible duration of a total eclipse of the sun: 7 minutes 30 seconds.
The average daily salary of a music video "extra" in 1983 was $75.
Cost of a roll of reflective tape: $4.59
Doctors advise patients with throat nodes to avoid alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.
And screaming.
People with throat nodes are also advised to avoid foods that can cause "acid reflex."
There was a total eclipse of the Harts when they lost their primetime spot in 1985.
Paul Simon recorded his award-winning album Graceland that same year.
(Total Eclipse of the Art)

"Hold Me Now" -- Thompson Twins

1 in 3 men admit they need something to "hold" them:
Hair spray
60% of callers who are put on hold hang up.
The same percentage of women like "to be held" before sex.
The rest just let lovin' start.
Twins are most likely to be found in which US state?
A "new button" was introduced around the world in 1938.
(shows picture of flashing "HOLD" button)

"I'll Be There for You" -- The Rembrandts

An ant can carry 10 times its body weight.
Rembrandt (1606 - 1669) was a Dutch painter known for his originality.
This video was shot 452 years to the day after Copernicus' death.
Copernicus was the first to say that the whole world revolves around a star.
Some TV themes that have climbed the charts:
"Chico and the Man" - #96
"The Benny Hill Show" - #35
"The Dukes of Hazzard" - #22
"The Laurence Welk Show" - #6
"Welcome Back Kotter" - #1
"Barney and Friends" - #9
The average American has 8 friends.
8.5 million Americans say they have no friends.
1 in 3 people think their friends can be "too demanding."
Urkel got $100,000 per episode.

"Addicted to Love" -- Robert Palmer

On average, women are paid 25% less than men in the workplace.
Except models
On average, female models are paid 50% more than male models.
Kabuki was created by a woman in 1603 and featured sensuous women dancers.
Women were banned from the Japanese stage from 1629 to 1699.
7% of Americans admit to being "addicted to love."
12-step groups for sex addicts claim 50,000 members worldwide.
Cost of treatment for sex addiction at an Arizona health center: $700 per day

"Rock the Casbah" -- The Clash

sharif (n.) - chief magistrate of Mecca in ancient times
casbah (n.) - the main residence of a Middle-Eastern ruler
In 1991, the US Army bombed the casbah of Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.
punk (n.) - trouble-maker or a good-for-nothing upstart
Also, a baby elephant.
50% of the world's gas is consumed by cars and trucks.
Over 60 million tons of "natural gas" are produced by cattle every year.
Average amount of oil in an American fast-food hamburger: 10 grams
London's Underground became the first to run on electric power in 1890.
The Houston Zoo has 1 punk - "Singgah"
Experts say the world's supply of oil will run out in less than 80 years.
40% of the world's population has no access to electricity.
Armadillos account for 12% of roadkill in the state of Texas.

"Rapture" -- Blondie

Voodoo practictioners can use psychoactive drugs to create "mindless zombies."
Some people who experience religious "rapture" are actually having an orgasm.
60% of US women report having faked their "rapture."
Blondie started giving Dagwood Bumstead rapt attention in 1930.
Jean-Michel Basquiat became a celebrated Haitian-American painter who OD'd in his studio in 1988.
US car production was at a 20-year low during filming.
In July 1997 the Sojourner "rover" became the first car on Mars.
rap (n.): an urban music form characterized by repetitive beats and spoken, rhyming lyrics.
White tuxedo and top hat: $725

"Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go) -- Wham

An L.A. police officer accused George of being a "wanker" in a public bathroom in 1998.
Doctors recommend men go-go to the bathroom before having sex with a partner.
20% of people don't wake up before they "go-go" - they're bed-wetters.
Go-Go comes from the French word agogo meaning "loaded with."
$810 would buy 500 shuttlecocks.
And 1 private bathroom.

"Cruel Summer"-- Bananarama

Summer is the cruelest season for dogs - 5,000 die each year when left locked in cars.
Wild bananas were first domesticated by the Spanish in 1516.
Jehovah's Witnesses believe a fruit was the "downfall of mankind":
The apple
What "banana-handler" starred with Clint Eastwood in 2 late-70s driving movies?
Clyde (pic of an ape)
Miles traveled by the average trucker each year: 500,000
Doctors recommend pregnant women eat bananas for their high levels of potassium.
Semen also contains high levels of potassium.
A banana is 75% water.

"Just a Gigolo" -- David Lee Roth

Successful gigolos say they act "interested in the woman but uninterested in sex."
What's one thing early MTV never allowed in its videos?
To avoid heart problems doctors recommend a low-fat diet.
How many death row inmates have been electrocuted in California?
Nobody - California uses lethal injection and gas for executions.
Some Lees who made it big on video:
Pamela and Tommy

"What is Love?" -- Howard Jones

Only 4% of animals are monogamous - including gray wolves, coyotes and monkeys.
78% of Americans say they are currently "romantically involved."
The same percentage say songs about love are "unromantic."
Percentage of marriages that end in death or divorce: 100
Philosophers have identified the 5 most common types of love:
eros: physical attraction
storge: long-term friendship
mania: obsessive love
pragma: practical love
self love: masturbation
The human brain secretes "pleasure-causing" chemicals during the first year of love.
After the first year: pain-killing chemicals.

"I Melt With You" -- Modern English

Nuclear war would freeze most of the earth - not melt it.
Smoke would encircle the earth and block out most of the sun's rays.
Some astronomers predict the world will "stop" in 6.5 billion years.
And melt - the sun will expand and consume the Earth.
What would happen if the world suddenly stopped spinning?
Robbie [Gray] would "fly with you" - inertia would propel him through the air at 1000 mph.
Modern English (n.): language that evolved from Middle English in 1500.
"Singing" in Middle English: singende
The human body generates enough heat in one day to melt 24 gallons of ice.
That's 7.1 Frosties
1.3 Encino Men
24 Wicked Witches
But no ice queens
leper (n.) one who suffers from leprosy, a disease characterized by skin lesions

"Stranger in Moscow" -- Michael Jackson

A stranger in Moscow is a neznakomets.
In Los Angeles: freak
A "special effect" in Moscow is a spetsialnlye efyekli.
A "cover-up" in Moscow is a skryaiut pravdu.
Phenomenologists say "strange creatures" are notoriously camera-shy.
Russian law prohibits objects fabricated before 1945 from leaving the country.
Rain in L.A. has high concentrations of sulfuric and nitric acids.
Over time, it can corrode buildings and other "fabricated" structures.
scarecrow (n.): a lean, raggedy figure meant to deter or frighten
stranger (n.): a foreigner, outsider or alien
178,000 strangers visited Moscow in 1996.
23.2 million visited L.A.
2 million of them were "aliens."

"I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" -- Whitney Houston

What are the most common daydream subjects?
Sex and career change
Orthodox Christians consider psychics deceitful and sinful.
Early Christians considered wigs deceitful and sinful.
Dance instructors recommend that beginners try and keep silent count of the music.
They also recommend maintaining eye contact with one's partner.
Fred Astaire's original dance partner was his sister -- they played the vaudeville circuit.
Dancing with multiple partners allows germs to spread more quickly and easily.
Dancing alone greatly reduces the risk of infection.
At a Sadie Hawkins dance, girls ask the boys to dance.
On "Sadie Hawkins Day" in the comic Lil' Abner chose men to marry them.
On "Ladies' Day" in medieval Scotland, women could propose to men and get money if refused.
In 1995 Demi Moore was paid $12.5 million to do her own dancing with her own body.
Cold showers actually increase sexual arousal.
It's poor etiquette to pressure your partner to dance if he or she is disinclined.

"The Boys of Summer" -- Don Henley

Rock jester Mojo Nixon once wrote a song about Don entitled "Don Henley Must Die."
Don joined Mojo on stage to sing the song with him in 1992.
Mojo was impressed with Don, and said as much: "Henley has balls the size of church bells!"
Alcohol consumption is not recommended as a remedy for heartbreak.
This Billy Bob [Thornton] won an Oscar for his movie Sling Blade.
The phrase "the boys of summer" comes from a Dylan Thomas poem.
The poem is about fleeting youth -- Thomas was 19 when it was published.
Boys of summer:
Frankie Avalon
David Hasselhoff
The 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers
Girls of summer:
Donna Summer
Jamie Summers
Suzanne Sommers
Elke Sommer
4.2 million American boys and girls spend their summers in the same place...
Summer school.

"Roam" -- The B-52's

Squirming when feeling the need to urinate is caused by muscle contractions around the sphincter.
There are two main types of incontinence:
B-52 fighter planes can "roam around the world" -- they have inflight refueling capability.
B-52's were first built in 1954 and stationed at U.S. army bases.
Including one in Rome, NY.
The Air Force's nickname for the B-52: Big Ugly Fat Fellow.
The fastest trip around the world in a plane took 41 hours and 59 minutes.
The fastest trip by amphibious car: 8 years 7 months
The world yo-yo record for "around-the-worlds" in one hour: 8437
anomaly (n) = something or someone which does not fit in.
The Romans roamed around the world with only one intent: to make it theirs.
What vehicle dispatched from Rome is frequently seen roaming around the world?
The Popemobile
The Pope has denounced all instruments of war.
Including B-52's.

"Always Be My Baby" -- Mariah Carey

8 campers were killed in Friday the 13th.
10% of U.S. men prefer "performing with" older women.
Misbehaving is the #1 reason to get expelled from camp.
Bonfires are illegal in New York campgrounds.
1 in 20 Americans call their significant other "baby."
"Honey" is 4 times more popular.

"Midnight in Chelsea" -- Jon Bon Jovi

The Hotel Chelsea was built in 1883 in New York City.
Winning word in the 1997 National Spelling Bee: euonym
Euonym = good or appropriate name.
A Hotel Chelsea guest once mistook Jimi Hendrix for a janitor and asked him to carry her bags.
The Story of O -- 1954 literary classic by an anonymous author.
It was banned in several countries.

"Time After Time" -- Cyndi Lauper

One of the first color films was Garden of Allah, starring Marlene Dietrich.
1 in 5 adults have sex in front of their pets.
The same percentage dress up for Halloween.
Flamingoes roamed the earth 47 million years before mankind.
David Letterman has worked with his real-life mother over 20 times.
Crime after crime occurs in Las Vegas -- the most dangerous city in the U.S.
Mime became popular in France when Napoleon made acting a crime.

"Cryin'" -- Aerosmith

Wolves chew and spit out food for their young to eat.
Humans do not.
Humans are the only animals that cry when upset.
At age 13, most Americans develop their first case of "puppy love."
Age 13 1/2: first phobias.
Amathphobia: fear of dirt.
1987: Dorf stars in Dorf's Golf Bible.
35% of women say they want to lose 25 pounds.
40% ordered pizza in the last three months.
Low-fat diets can keep women from cryin' -- they alleviate symptoms of PMS.
Studies suggest that men who run from relationships are more likely to be cryin' than those who commit.

"Hot for Teacher" -- Van Halen

It takes the "Where's Waldo" artist a month to finish a drawing.
Lance Ito's 12th grade lasted 180 days.
His OJ trial: 266 days.
"Doetjie" is Dutch for "geek."
Rachel Ward got hot for preacher Richard Chamberlain in the film The Thorn Birds.
Heather Locklear got hot for creature in the film Return of the Swamp Thing.
Books about guitar technique can be found in the 700s.

"Two Princes" -- Spin Doctors

Proctologists learn to "spin" their patients around before doing their doctoring.
Originally, a frog was supposed to be filmed on a stool alongside the cue cards.
It hopped into a busy street.
Frog pie is a delicacy in Indonesia.
There are more than two varieties of princes:
Real prince (showing Prince Charles)
Fresh Prince (Will Smith)
Former[ly known as] Prince (guess who!)
No prince (a frog)
No prints (OJ in court)

"No Myth" -- Michael Penn

Romeo didn't wear black jeans--they weren't invented until 1848.
Elvis did--he started his own line in 1957.
It was rumored he "stuffed" his.
Crossing legs for long periods can cramp "stuffing" and reduce sperm count.

"In the Air Tonight" -- Phil Collins

Dreams about hallways filled with doors can indicate confusion over life choices.
Heart rate increases while looking for a bathroom in unfamiliar surroundings.
Some popular urban myths:
Mikey's Dead
Rat Mistaken for Chihuahua
Albino Sewer Alligators
Toothpaste Surprise
Infrequent blinking can be a sign of mental imbalance.
Smiling increases blood flow to the brain--making the smiler happier.

"Uptown Girl" -- Billy Joel

Clam digging requires no backup singers.
Less than 20% of gas stations offer full service.
Rock star/model couples:
Billy & Christie
Rod & Rachel
Mick & Jerry
Axl & Stephanie
Adam & Naomi
John & Elaine
David & Iman
Ric & Paulina
Yanni & Linda
Roosters strut in front of their favorite hens before mating.

"Happy Xmas (War is Over)" -- Melissa Etheridge

Progeria = a disease causing premature aging in children.
In December 1969, John and Yoko put up billboards in 12 cities around the world.
They read: "Happy Xmas War is Over (if you want it)"
John and Yoko also sent acorns to world leaders for tree planting.
Sunday parking rules still apply on Christmas in NYC.
They also apply on Immaculate Conception Day in NYC.
Immaculate Conception Day celebrates the moment that the Virgin Mary discovered that she was pregnant.

"All I Want For Christmas is You" -- Mariah Carey

There was a 4th centurty Saint Nicholas, renowned for giving bags of gold to the poor.
Dutch settlers brought his legend to the New World as Sinterklaas.
The average "rent-a-Santa" costs $50 an hour.
Reason most rent-a-Santas are fired: lateness.
Speed Santa travels to deliver presents round the world in one night: 1019 mph.
Worst present Mariah ever received: a used bottle of men's cologne.
Best present she ever gave: a house to her mother.
Falling snow in dreams can represent sexual excitement.
The first factory in the U.S. to turn horses to glue opened in Boston in 1808.
Laplanders of northern Scandinavia turn reindeer into handbags, bowls, and boots.
62% of women begin their Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving.
30% of men begin theirs on Christmas Eve.
The same percentage of Americans do not put up a Christmas tree.
Christmas remains Mariah's favorite holiday.

"Please Come Home for Christmas" -- Jon Bon Jovi

Note: this really deviates from the rule of only including info
that doesn't pertain to the video, but I couldn't resist transcribing this rhyme.

'Twas a warm night in LA, shot in a fake house.
With Jon and Cindy Crawford, Richard Gere's ex-spouse.
The small set was crowded, over 100 stood near.
But no one was paid, they had all volunteered.
This video was made to raise money for kids.
Jon and Cindy signed on for their old pal Herb Ritts.
The Concept: Jon waiting all alone at the homestead
As visions of Cindy dance in his head.
With Jon in a t-shirt and Cindy half-dressed.
"They acted like lovers" - Ol' Herb was impressed.
When he'd yell out "cut" the crew would all chatter.
Jon and Cindy kept kissing - it didn't seem to matter.
They pawed at each other as they cuddled and cooed.
Jon's wife sat nearby--a "good sport" the day through.
Early that year, Cindy made the press dash away.
She declared in an ad she and Richard weren't "gay."
She's been linked to many men - and herself called a "vixen."
Like Kilmer--and Rodman--but never Dick Nixon.
If you go home Christmas Eve and don't drive a sleigh
Book your flight early - travel doubles that day.
The crew was exhausted - they were yearning to "wrap."
After a long day's shoot they all needed a nap.
Bon Jovi exclaimed as he rushed for a flight:
"It was fun to be me - the shoot felt so right."
The director agreed as Jon sped out of sight:
"Kissing a supermodel, now that's a good night."

"Little Drummer Boy" -- David Bowie & Bing Crosby

Bing didn't "really know who David was" but his kids did.
This video was part of the last of Bing's 21 holiday television specials.
Crosby died October 14, 1977--6 weeks before this show was broadcast.
The timing started rumors that David and Bing's duet was "computer-generated."
Critics have called this duet "one of the most surreal in pop history."
Other surreal duets:
Natalie Cole & Nat King Cole
John Tesh & Dweezil Zappa
Beavis & Cher

"Infatuation" -- Rod Stewart

Frogs have no lips.
Dry fish food makes goldfish constipated.
Capricorns are single-minded.
The original "Peeping Tom" was a tailor who peeped at the naked Lady Godiva.
He was blinded by the sight of her.
"Jaws" is the most common name for pet goldfish.
Infatuation: A state of extravagant or foolish love
4% of American women don't wear underwear.

"Hungry Like the Wolf" -- Duran Duran

Many Sri Lankan men attribute their illnesses to semen loss.
The capital of Sri Lanka is Columbo.
There are no wolves in Sri Lanka.
"Raiders of the Lost Ark" has grossed $242 million since its 1981 release.
Sri Lanka is ruled by a daughter/mother team.
Ethel of "I Love Lucy" still does not have a star on the Walk of Fame.
The IRA planned to blow up the Prince of Wales at a 1984 concert featuring Duran Duran.
The plot bombed.
Rabies is treated with a series of 6 shots to the diaphragm with a long needle.

"Jack and Diane" -- John Mellencamp

37 years is the longest anyone has gone on living in a coma.
0.2% of Americans have "the clap."
Tight clothing can restrict blood flow and cause hypertension.
So can smoking.
1 in 4 college-age women have been "spanked" during sex.
Every minute in the United States, 6 people turn 17.
Cougars generally don't live past their 18th birthday.
There are 114 Jacks currently living in Bloomington.
None of them live with a Diane.

"Constant Craving" -- k.d. lang

NFL referees can make up to $4500 a game.
Tony Ganios played Meat in the Porky's movies.
Food most commonly craved by pregnant women: ice cream.
Constant waving can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Constant shaving can lead to blood loss and skin infection.

"Mary Jane's Last Dance" -- Tom Petty

Each day, over six thousand people die in the United States alone.
Necrophilia=erotic attraction to a corpse.
Jack Klugman played a coroner on Quincy for 7 seasons.
Makeup is available in 6 skintones for open casket funerals.
Most popular: Sun Tan.
Five real corpses have been found at the beach where the last scene was shot.

"Killing Me Softly" -- The Fugees

Talk once in a theater and an usher will tell you to be quiet.
Twice, he'll ask you to leave.
Penalty for unnecessary roughness: 15 yds

"Missing You" -- Tina Turner

According to the Hosiery Association of America, a pair pf pantyhose should last 8 wearings.
2 is the norm.

"Crazy" -- Aerosmith

You must be 16 years old to drive in California.
Lost Catholic school uniforms must be replaced at the student's expense.
Lechery: Am excessive or predatory interest in sexual activity.
32% of women have had sex with a man 20 years older than them.
12% of women admit to a same sex attraction.
Over 75% of men admit to having lesbian sex fantasies.
3% of women have had lesbian encounters as their first sexual experience.
Cruise-control is standard on most brands of farm tractors.
Auto-Pilot is not.
Farmers pick their crops in the fall.

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