Credits and Thanks

  • To AleXander Thompson, for allowing me to borrow his transcript format and inspiring me to do this in the first place
  • To the staff of the now defunct for the correct spellings on a number of names and unrecognizable words, as well as the images used in the graphics (I'll take them down if you ask, but please don't!)
  • To my mother, for letting me sit at the computer by the TV for hours trying to do transcripts.
  • To Helen, for the correct German translation of the conversations in "1969" and the Russian spellings in the same ep. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the alphabet to work in HTML. (I'll see if I can't get FrontPage to do it.)
  • To Richard, for the closed captioning file of "Upgrades" that is going to make that transcript a hell of a lot easier.
  • To Nicole, for directing me to the URL of Gamma Quadrant: SG-1 Episode Archive whose ASF files have helped greatly.
  • To Jack for the first 3 minutes of "Message In A Bottle."
  • To Monique, for the correct spelling of the German spoken in "1969."

What are you staring at? That's really all I have for now!