Episode Transcripts FAQ

Why did you start doing transcripts?

I actually first tried my hand at a transcript with a taped ep of "The Flash" on the Sci-Fi channel. After avidly browsing through AleXander Thompson's awesome Buffy the Vampire Slayer transcript archive, I wondered how much work went into one transcript. So I gave it a shot, since I was recovering from wisdom tooth surgery and didn't feel like writing fanfic for once. I've had an SG-1 sound clip archive up for a while... but that didn't feel original. Since I had a lot of tapes of episodes, I thought - why not try transcripts? And now that the poll results are mostly in, I'm working on the most demanded page.

Can I help with the transcripts?

For now, I'd prefer to do them myself. That is, as long as these suckers take, I'd prefer to be the one actually writing the transcripts. It just makes it more consistent. But the biggest help I need is corrections. I guess on the spelling of a lot of things - I spelled Raleigh's name wrong in the "Out of Mind" transcript and realized that after the fact - not to mention I tend to miss a thing or two in action scenes. Corrections, revisions and additions to what I already have are GREATLY appreciated. As for credit - that's what the credits page is for, isn't it?

One exception to this rule: if you have a tape with the bits and pieces I have missing from an episode, I will gladly take transcripts of those missing chunks. If the transcription's explanatory enough, I'll use it in my transcript and credit you on the transcript itself for that. See the episode list for further details.

Where are the transcripts?

I have actually had this question enough times to merit having it put on my FAQ, I'm sorry to say. Let me reiterate: I do not have all of the episodes transcribed. If an episode title is not linked, that means I don't have a transcript for it yet. To find a transcript, go back to the main transcripts page and click on one of the Season links. (You know, Season One, Season Two, etc...) Scroll down until you find an episode title that actually has a link. If you've already done that, go to Season One and click on "Children of the Gods." I guarantee you'll find something.

Sorry to be a bit snippy, but I just kind of smack myself when I get these kind of questions...

Why does the format of these pages look suspiciously familiar?

I blatantly stole the general format of the BtVS Transcripts archive at Slayerfanfic.com, primarily because I loved it and because I really didn't like my old format. I did make all the images using pics taken from SG-1.Net, since I don't have the money for a capture card. I don't have permission to borrow the general archive format, just the transcript format. If any of the above parties have a problem with this, let me know and I'll try to make changes.

Why haven't you finished [episode title] yet?

Possible reasons: either I'm working on it and real life is getting in the way, another episode has priority, or I simply don't have it on tape. My main source of tapes is due to my mother. My college does not carry Showtime, and the seasons have an annoying habit of coinciding with my semesters. My mother has been gracious enough to tape episodes for me whenever she can - fortunately, I turned her into a fan of the show as well - but invariably she misses episodes. The VCR at home is okay, but it's a hassle to program. I do have an episode list of all the episodes I have available to me on tape. If it's not up there, I can't do it. Sorry.

So why do you take forever?

Several reasons: real life, a double major, a need for accuracy, 40 hours of work per week this summer. Also, if you've browsed this far, hit the Back links to check out my main personal page. This is only a small corner of a sprawling mess, and one of four fandoms showcased on this page. I'm doing transcripts because it's original, people want them, and they take up less space than sound clips.

The online reasons: I'm also a writer for The Gargoyles Saga, a fan-written continuation of the series, and am a fanfic nut. I have no less than 25 stories on the backburner... which is why I might accept transcript help later on if it proves to be too much.

How long does it take you to transcribe an episode?

Depends on the episode. I'm not a total perfectionist, so it's not exorbitantly long. If the episode is heavy on dialogue and low on action, I'd say a total of 6 - 7 hours. If it's an action-heavy episode, with a lot of action to describe, it's more like 8 - 9 hours worth of work. The big problem is that I know very little about the military (and I work on an army base!), and don't know the terms for certain rifles, systems, etc. I'm one of the people the writers of "Point of View" considered when they had the wrong Carter wear a "CAPT. CARTER" label in block letters on her uniform. Let's just say that with the rest of my stuff piled up, it takes a while. Believe me.

Can I have a copy to put on my website?

I'm going to adopt AleXander's policy and say: No, you may not. When you download a preformatted text HTML file and then load it on another machine, it often tends to mess up the line spacing. Also, I'm going to be revising these, and it's a hassle to download revised copy after revised copy. What you CAN do is link directly to the transcripts; that way, if the transcript is revised, it'll save us both a lot of trouble. Just let me know first in case I ever change the links.

Is it legal to transcribe episodes?

As far as I see it, in this case, yes. I make sure to credit the writers and the company, and I'm not making any money off of this, so it's legal.

I have a tape of [episode]. Could you transcribe it for me?

Yeah, but there are a couple stipulations. Number one, if I don't have it on tape, you'll have to mail it to me. And if you want it back - I can't make copies, so I'm assuming you will - you will have to pay the postage for me to send it one way or the other. Not both, mind you, but you'll have to pay for one way of the trip. If you're sending it to me and DON'T want it back, I'll gladly pay postage for that. :)

Huh? What happened to the act breaks?

All of my tapes are first-run episodes from Showtime, which doesn't show commercials in between acts. Therefore, I pretty much had to guess on act breaks. While working on "Children of the Gods" it became apparent that guessing was pretty difficult, so I scrapped that idea. Instead, I've resorted to indicating scene changes with asterisk line breaks. Makes it a little easier for me.

I've been trying to figure out when something happens in an episode, and it's not clear in your transcript. Help?

If there's something unexplained that my transcripts don't cover, like a specific glitch, let me know what and in one episode. I will go back and check it out to see. This occurred to me after posting "Into the Fire;" I couldn't tell if Carter and Daniel ever got their memory devices removed - although they had to have, since they weren't suffering flashbacks half the episode. If you spot a detail like this, drop me a line about it. I'll give you a credit even if nothing turns up.

Do you plan to have all the transcripts of all the episodes up? When?

I started this site with the intent to have something different, something useful that hasn't been done on every other SG-1 site. I didn't really think about the size of the task, and getting every episode transcribed is daunting, to say the least. Since Real Life has a tendency to take over whenever I commit to something like this, I'm going with the safest answer: I hope to have all the episodes transcribed at some point in the future.

As for the other question... I refuse to answer that on the grounds that it may cause Murphy's Law to kick into overtime. Plus, I know better. People who can tell you "when" the next section of their site's going to be updated are either getting paid to manage it or have too much free time. I'm not getting paid for this, and I don't have a lot of free time. :)

What the heck is a "dais" and why do you call the stone platform the Stargate sits on that?

Webster's defines it as "a raised platform (as in a hall or large room)". I'd heard the word used when referring to the platform that a throne usually sits on top of. When I started doing transcripts, I had some difficulty referring to certain objects, and constantly writing "the low stone platform with steps that the Stargate sits on" would not only irritate me, it would get awfully repetitive. So maybe the term isn't used entirely correctly, but it's close.

Why don't you describe the Stargate wormhole effect every time?

Doing so would be incredibly repetitive - since it's generally the same special effects sequence every time (with short and long versions). The only time I have ever gone into detail on the effects shown when traveling through the Stargate wormhole is in my transcript of Children of the Gods when we first got a look at transit through the wormhole. After that, "traveler's-eye view of the Stargate wormhole" pretty much covers it.

I tried to read a transcript, but it ended mid-episode. Huh?

As of January 31st, 2001, I have started posting segments of transcripts as I get them done. If there's an asterisk by the link, this is an unfinished transcript, and more will come when I have the time to get it done and posted. I'm just doing it this way to increase the frequency of updates and keep people from wondering whether or not I'm still alive.